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As of February 2013 the graph below indicates the market share of all of the major desktop Operating Systems

What we see is that Windows 8 has reached a whopping 2.37% of desktop users after it’s introduction 4 months ago.
To give you an idea of the how poor this response is, Windows 7 after being on the market for 4 months had reached 9% of desktop users even the much maligned Vista had a better take-up after the same time period.

There are a number of reasons for the poor takeup;

1. Windows 8 introduced a new interface which was predominantly touch based and which for traditional keyboard users was intimidating.

2 Many major companies are still upgrading to Windows 7 , remembering that the life cycle for such upgrades can be 4-5 years and so is not a trivial task

I cover some of the major problems and design goals of Windows 8 in another blog http://dig-it.com.au/blog/computer-repairs/the-problem-with-windows-8/ .

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