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Having blogged before about Windows XP official end of life on the 8th of April,  it is interesting to note that Windows XP is still at nearly 30% of worldwide O.S. market share. By comparison Windows 8 ( that’s 8 and 8.1) are at 10.6%.

XP’s market share since I last blogged about this about a year ago has dropped from 39% in that year while Windows 8 has risen from 3% to it’s current 10.6%.

Windows 7 has risen from 44.5% to 47.5% in that time.

Clearly XP users are not keen to move away from both an Operating System that will NOT be supported as well as it’s associated Microsoft browser Internet Explorer 8.

Firefox and Chrome on the other hand still are producing updated browsers for XP.

Clearly Windows 8 has failed to penetrate the market and with Microsoft pressing that XP has reached it’s use-by date it will be interesting to see what tactics it will use to get users to migrate. Thus far they have not really given the XP user base a sufficient carrot for those users to make the move and it may well be that they start using a stick.

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