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Gadget News


While it may seem convenient to go to Harvey Norman's or Officeworks and pick up your latest I.T. equipment, it can often lead to frustrating delays if they have not asked the right questions. For example with an all-in-one printer the following questions need to be it asked;
  1. Does the printer need to be networked.
  2. How easy is it to integrate the Fax capability with your existing equipment eg Answering Services
  3. What volume of printing will you be doing.
  4. What are the costs of replacement cartridges.
As well as being able to determine your needs the other advantages of making your purchase thru us are
  1. Easy Setup at your premises and continued support
  2. Not restricted to a particular brand
  3. We will offer the manufacturer's warranty


Preferred brand is Samsung.


Preferred brands are Canon & Brother.

ADSL Modems Routers

Preferred brands are Netgear & Billion for Wired ADSL routers and Linksys for Wireless.

Network Routers Switches

Preferred brands are Netgear.

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