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There are a number of things you as a novice or experienced user can do to limit the number of crashes your computer will experience. The following is an easy list which if adhered to will definitely make life easier;
  1. Backup important documents and files to either floppy , cd-rom or to another hard drive.
  2. Perform a disk cleanup
  3. Check your Hard Disk for errors (Scandisk or Chkdsk)
  4. Defrag your hard drive
  5. Run a virus scan
  6. Update your virus definitions
  Doing these things on a monthly basis is strongly recomended.

In addition a once a year tune-up of your PC can really make a difference. The following is a sample of the 35 point checklist which is guaranteed to make your tired machine like new.
  1. Check & Install Latest BIOS
  2. Check & Install Latest Graphics Card Drivers
  3. Check & Install Latest Network Card Driver
Additionally there are any number of tweaks which can be made to a operating system which will not only keep it alive longer but can improve performance and provide security. This tend to be specific to an Operating System for instance in the case of Windows XP
  1. Disable unused and potentially vulnerable system services.
  2. XP provides a lot of graphics overhead which can also be turned off
So if you feel your machine is running tired you should really give me a call