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Your computer , PC or laptop is running slow and your thinking that you need to buy a new computer. Well that is usually not the case and some maintenance and servicing can you bring your tired and ailing computer back to it pristine condition.

Benfefits of a Computer Service




Ensure your data integity of files emails,databases. Ensure hard drive health If your computer worlks more efficiently then so do you. Ensure no malicious programs.

Home Computer Service

There are a number of things you as a novice or experienced user can do to maintain your computer and reduce the number of problems you may experience. The following is an easy list which if adhered to will definitely make life easier;
  1. Backup important documents and files to either floppy , cd-rom or to another hard drive.
  2. Perform a disk cleanup
  3. Check your Hard Disk for errors (Scandisk or Chkdsk)
  4. Defrag your hard drive
  5. Run a virus scan
  6. Update your virus definitions
  Doing these things on a monthly basis is strongly recomended.

While some maintenance of your computer will help all computers be they desktops, PC , laptops or notebooks they in addition require a more extensive service every 2 years or so to ensure your computers health and to maintain your computers in prime condition.

Here at Dig-IT we perform a 40 point service checklist which is guaranteed to find any problems with your computer and in addition will maintain your computer as new and inn many cases the servicing of your computer can make it better than new.

Our 40 point service checklist will not only keep your computer alive longer but can improve performance and provide security. The following is an example of what we do.
  1. Check & Install Latest BIOS
  2. Check & Install Latest Graphics Card Drivers
  3. Check & Install Latest Network Card Driver
  4. Disable unused and potentially vulnerable system services.
  5. XP provides a lot of graphics overhead which can also be turned off
So if you feel your machine is running tired you should really give me a call

Business Computer Service

The same points apply to the service of your important business computers and laptops as does with a home pc. The service process involves some time consuming maintenance checks which require the computer be left overnight. dig-IT will pickup and complete the service of your business PC without you missing a beat.

When it comes to your business servers it is not usually feasible to take these machines away. No problem these taks can be performed remotely. IN addition we can put in place important perfomance and health monitoring systems which can do the follwowing;
  • Monitor CPU performance
  • Disk Usage
  • Memory Useage
  • Network Usage
  • Monitor Error logs
  • Monitor Disk health

A complete service of your computer , pc or laptop will not only speed up your PC but detect operating systems problems before they can occur. The problems can be broken down into 4 types.

  1. Poorly written device drivers
  2. Corrupt filesystem , a filesystem is internal structure that recors the location of files on the hard drive, usually due to power falures or reboots
  3. Conflicting hardware which causes memory or resource conflicts
  4. Viruses

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