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We Can build any Computer for any Purpose be it;

  1. A Budget PC for the Home
  2. Windows or Linux Servers.
  3. A business machine.
  4. A Gaming machine.
  5. A Workstation machine.
Whatever the machine we will ensure each meets the following standards

Latest CPU/Motherboard Reviews


The very Latest Technology

Here at dig-IT we ensure the very latest in CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and motherboard technology is delivered into every machine.
  • Asus or Intel Motherboards
  • Western Digital Hard Drives
  • Coolermaster Cases & Power Supplie

Operating System of your Choice

With the end of life of Windows XP on the eighth of April many of you will be thinking about a new computer but will find that if you buy retail your only choice is Windows 8.
  1. Windows 7 is a superior choice for keyboard mouse users.
  2. Windows 8 is the Windows operating system
  3. Linux can be installed.

Customised to your Needs

As well as being able to select the Operating System of your choice eg XP, Vista, Linux we will tailor a machine to your needs and budget. For an example of some of our current machines see left under CUSTOMISED COMPUTERS. When tailoring a machine to meet your needs we need to know what you want eg

  1. Do you want to play games?
  2. Capture Video or TV
  3. Communicate via a Webcam
The diagram to your right indicates some of the critical components of a PC and and its absolutely esential that the person selling you a PC know these things.

We Provide the Manufactures Warranty

Delivery & Setup at your Premises included

So for quality advice on your new PC ,here at >DIG-IT> we can tailor a machine to your needs be they home or business use , see left under HOT PICKS. We can also build specialised machines such as,
  1. Gaming
  2. Video Editing
  3. Servers

Guaranteed Ongoing Support and Hassle Free problem Resolution

For a free assessment please call or email.